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Dragon heart hengeband/choker
Anne Stokes

Dragon heart hengeband/choker

Pewter hengeband/choker. Suitable for on the head or as a necklace.
Symbol of steady relationship
Anne Stokes Design

Dragon heart hengeband/choker € 29,95
Draconic tryst BFF dragon necklace

Draconic tryst

Two dragons forming a heart, clinging together by a magnetic catch.
Can be seperated to wear individually.
Pewter pendant incl. 2x 50cm long chain
pendant 6cm x 4cm

Draconic tryst € 37,50
Raven hammer of Thor

Raven Thor's hammer

Symbolising power and strength.
Pewter pendant incl. 55cm long chain
pendant 5cm x 3.5cm

Raven hammer of Thor € 29,95
Travel talisman

Travel talisman.

The magical symbol protects the traveler.
Material: Puwter and copper. Incl. Box with english description and a 50cm chain.
Travel talisman € 15,95  
Tetragrammation magic talisman

Tetragrammation talisman

This talisman gives you spiritual guidance and wisdom. 
Material: Pewter and copper. Incl. 50 cm chain and a box with the english discription.

magic talisman tetragram. € 15,95
Dharma wheel talisman

Dharma wheel

A Buddhism symbol for peace and happiness.
Material: copper and pewter.
Incl. box with english discription and a 50cm chain.
Dharma wheel talisman € 15,95
Sajigor dagger necklace

Sajigor dagger

This dagger supports the invisible protectors.
Material: Pewter. Comes in a box with english inscription.

Sajigor dagger € 19,95
Fortune talisman

Fortune talisman

This magical symbol gives you good fortune.
Material: Pewter and copper.
Incl. box with english disscription and 50cm chain.
Fortune talisman € 15,95
earth star talisman

Earth star talisman.

The magical symbol brings you serenity and inner strength
Material: Pewter and copper. Incl. Box with english discription and a 50cm chain.
earth star talisman € 15,95  
Sun Wheel

 Sun Wheel

Pewter pendant with gold plate. Symbol of optimism and progress.
Inspired on ancient viking jewelry.
stainless steel chain 50cm included.

Sun wheel necklace € 19,95
Runic celtic cross necklace

Runic celtic cross

Necklace made of pewter.
Knowledge and ability
Incl. chain 50cm 

Runic celtic cross € 19,95
Runic pentagram necklace

Runic pentagram

Magical symbol that will help you to follow your dreams.
Material: Pewter and a swarovski crystal.
Incl. 45cm chain
Runic pentagram nordic lights € 17,95
39 found, which of 12 are shown.
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