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Gift card

Gift card

Our gift cards keep their value for 2 years. 
The card will be activated when we receive an confirmation from you, that you have received the card. This to avoid theft during the sending. 
The card can be used in the shop, or online by mentioning your card number with your order.
If a different amount than what we offer is desired, please email to info@fantasyshopchimera.com . We can adjust the amount for you.
10 Gift card € 10,00
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Duende Nicholas the wizard
Chimera Original

Nicholás the wizard

Wizard from our Duende collection.
A Hand made unique one of a kind product.
The legs and arms can be bend.
20cm long
Nicholás the wizard € 39,95
Majestic magic wizard

Majestic magic wizard

Statue of a wizard reading from his book of spells.
polyresin painted by hand
19cm x9cm
Majestic magic wizard € 24,95  
Forest Spirit shaman

Forest Spirit shaman

Shaman pendant with black pebble and magic symbols for good luck and a happy life.
Including cord.
Hand made unique one of a kind
Forest Spirit shaman € 29,95
Enchantress of light

Enchantress of light

Sorceress holding a crystal ball. Light battery operated, (batt. not included)
Made of hollow casted polystone, painted by hand
77cm x 35cm

Enchantress of light € 235,00
5 found, which of 5 are shown.
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